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Moulton Law

Since its establishment in 1994 in Spokane, Washington, Moulton Law Offices has evolved into a reputable figure in the Estate Planning community. With notable growth over the last 30 years, the firm expanded its presence in 2021 with full-time staff in the Tri-Cities branch, solely dedicated to serving clients.

At Moulton Law Office, the mission revolves around positively shaping the futures of families through effective estate planning. The satisfaction derived from saving families substantial amounts of money and alleviating hours of stress is a driving force.

Central to their efforts is the tangible impact made on families’ lives by navigating the complexities of estate planning. This empowerment ensures families can secure their future and preserve assets, leading to immeasurable satisfaction in contributing to clients’ financial and emotional well-being.

While facing challenges linked to negative stereotypes surrounding estate planning, Moulton Law Offices has successfully tackled misconceptions through educational efforts. Contrary to common belief, trusts are essential for most families, not just the wealthy. Their commitment to dispelling myths ensures that families can make informed decisions about their estate planning needs.

Success in their field extends beyond legal expertise; it necessitates a genuine connection with clients. Moulton Law takes pride in being patient, caring, and compassionate. Tailoring estate plans at an affordable, flat rate ensures clients feel supported and understood throughout the process, fostering positive relationships.

The driving force behind individuals joining this firm is the desire to make a positive impact on families and contribute to preserving their assets. The team is united by a shared passion for easing difficult life situations and navigating legal complexities, all motivated by the prospect of positively influencing the lives of families.

Under the ownership of Matthew Luedke since 2019, Moulton Law Office anticipates continued success in the Tri-Cities. The firm has expanded its services to include Medicaid Planning and Company Formations, in addition to their core estate planning offerings.